Writing about the history of Buddhism is a very interesting activity

Religions that are valid in the present world have a very interesting and long history. Writing about the history of Buddhism is worth starting with the origin of its creation. Then it is worth presenting its main assumptions and principles.

The characteristics of temples and how people pray in them are also important. Another element that can be moved in it is holy e Buddhism. One could start with Drahma Day, which takes place when it reaches the full moon in July. Another event that can be discussed is Losar falling on the first three days of the first lunar month.

Important in this religion is also Chunga Choepa taking place on the fifteenth day, as in the case of the previous, that is, the first lunar month. You can not miss the day of Sangha, which takes place during the full moon in November.

Then, it’s worth characterizing Kathina falling on the eleventh month of the entire lunar year, which means most often in October. The feast of Parinirwana takes place during the full moon, which takes place in February. Very interesting for Buddhism is also Wesak falling on the full moon in May. As you can see, all holidays in Buddhism are closely related to the moon. Writing about the history of Buddhism can also start from a completely different side, however the solution given seems to be an interesting proposition.

Writing about the history of Buddhism, and the job market for historians.

Writing about the history of Buddhism can certainly show our journalistic skills. They can be helpful when applying for positions related to copywriting. A contemporary historian must be open to various possibilities of finding a job. In other words, the historian must be flexible. He does not necessarily have to work in the profession he has learned. You should develop your competences dynamically here. A historian can easily become a sales representative or driver. After proper training, he can also work in computer science. The options are plentiful. Europe will suffer from a growing deficit of employees. Therefore, the work will be much easier than a few years ago.