Writing diploma theses often causes problems for students. Their writing is necessary in the case of the English higher education system. Diploma thesis, which is the easiest way to prepare this bachelor’s thesis. Very often they form the basis for master’s theses. Sometimes, bachelor’s theses form a theoretical background for the master’s needs, which are additionally tested.

Engineers are, however, the most difficult due to the fact that it is necessary to carry out the project in a special computer program. Therefore, it requires definitely more knowledge and skills. Bachelor’s and engineer’s works are around fifty pages long. The longest are master’s, because they are usually made of eighty cards. When it comes to technical requirements, it is not a matter of the type of work, but the requirements of a particular university.

Each has its own individual, but they do not differ significantly from each other. In engineering works, usually Harvard footnotes are used, that is, those that are inserted in the text using square brackets. In them, however, numbers are included, the references of which are included in the final bibliography or the names of the authors. In bachelor’s and master’s the most commonly used are standard footnotes, that is, those at the bottom of the page. However, there are also exceptions, so keep this in mind and check before the text is done.

Writing diploma thesis. Is this a good solution for English education?

Writing diploma theses is not required either in Switzerland or in the United States. The Swiss education system is the best in Europe. There is no centrally planned education system there. This system is private. Pupils have individual trainers there who train them in a given field. This is a very good and proven solution. For example, Leonardo da Vinci and Michał Anioł also had their own individual masters. First, they only helped in their work. Over time, they became independent and overstay their teachers. In the Swiss system, the main focus is on practice, not theory. This is the right solution. Practice matters in the English labor market. The better the candidate has more practical skills, the better. In the United States, master theses are written only when the candidates consider that it will be useful to them. The introduction of Swiss and American solutions to the European education system would be very beneficial.